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News Headlines

John Corwin Retirement
John Corwin retired. ... more.

Susan Downs wins best documentary short
Susan Downs just won best documentary short at the California International Shorts Festival.  See the winners here.

Aviva Brecher Retirement
Aviva Brecher is retiring.  ... more

From Technique photographer to (unofficial) Senate photographer

From Owen Franken, "I reconnected with my favorite Senator, Patrick Leahy, a really great photographer, taking pictures of each other taking pictures of each other.  One of his of me is going to be myheadshot in the contributors page of an upcoming Samithsonian spinoff magazine article about eating at homes in Paris.  Then we commiserated about how he will manage working with his new colleagues in the Senate.  I do not think this is the place for me to give you an idea of what I think about some of them, but you can guess."

Here is that photo album.

Another tantalizing glimpse of the Barker Library
The Spring 2013 issue of the MIT Spectrum has a beautiful cover photo of the Barker Library filled with musicians.

Tantalizing view of the Barker Library
The Spring 2013 issue of the MIT Spectrum has a beautiful cover photo of the Barker Library.

Classmate Speaker Program preview
The preliminary program has just been released for our Classmate Speaker Program, Saturday, June 8, 5-7pm.  This belongs on your 'not to be missed' list!

How to Be First
In 1965, the BBC produced a film, "How to Be First."  Denis Postle, who made the film, gave us permission to display it here for our class.  Some from the classes of 67 and 68 have already been spotted.  Perhaps you'll see yourself.  Thanks to Denis for sharing it, and also to Rick Lufkin for tracking it down.  Watch the film.

Alan Guth '68 Speaking at Museum of Science June 7
Yes, the same award-winning Alan Guth of the earlier post.  The Victor F. Weisskopf Professor of Physics at MIT, Alan has been a member of the MIT faculty since 1980. Much of his research has examined the application of theoretical particle physics to the early universe: What can particle physics tell us about the history of the universe? What can cosmology tell us about the fundamental laws of nature?

Please plan to join us for what is shaping up to be a very fun and informative evening at the Museum of Science!

Barker Engineering Library is ready for us
The newly-restored Barker Engineering Library is ready for us!  The Saturday buffet of our 45th reunion will be held here.  The skylight, blacked out as a wartime precaution, has also been restored.  See this design blog post about the restoration and this slide show of the reconstruction project.

Recent Article About Edwin Land

From 45th reunion chair Rick Lufkin: Do you remember as clearly as I the electricity in the air when on September ?, 1964 Ed Land spoke to us, the incoming M.I.T. Freshman Class of 1968, as we sat together for the first time in Kresge?  The rumor had spread that Land would be arriving by helicopter and when he arrived we greeted him as the "entrepreneurial rock star" he most assuredly then was, though we probably would not have used such a modern phrase. This article from the Wall Street Journal rekindles some of that excitement we then collectively felt as Land opened our eyes to just what the future might bring.

Please plan to come back to campus in June to refresh our memories of that exciting time with the people whom we shared it with back then. 

Alan Guth Wins Fundamental Physics Prize

Alan Guth Wins Fundamental Physics Prize

Our classmate, Alan Guth, was awarded one of nine inaugural Fundamental Physics Prizes.  Established by Yuri Milner, a Russian physics student who dropped out of graduate school in 1989 and later earned billions investing in Internet companies like Facebook and Groupon, the prize comes with a $3 million cash award.  See more details at the MIT News site


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Our 45th reunion is history.  Remembrances of the event, along with plans and thoughts for our big 50th, will appear on our reunion pages.

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